If you want to avail psychotherapy services but still feel unsafe leaving your home, virtual therapy is for you. I offer online psychotherapy sessions to make it more accessible for those living at home.

The pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues and made some of us more aware of our struggles. Sometimes, your mental health symptoms can make it difficult for you to leave your home or even perform everyday tasks. You can reach out to me to avail psychotherapy sessions online so we can work through your issues together.

Build a safe space from the comfort of your home

Virtual therapy allows you to open up in therapy sessions easily. Find a distraction-free zone in your home so you can take out an hour in the week dedicated to your self-care.

I ensure complete confidentiality for all your personal information and that all sessions are compliant with the HIPAA standards, as sessions in person would be.

You will need to have access to a private place and a tablet, smartphone, or computer with a camera and high-speed internet. You can curate a non-judgmental, safe space to vent and explore all kinds of personal issues alone or with your family with my help.

Get in touch today to find out more.

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