The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 1 in 5 adults is affected by mental health issues. Still, due to the stigma surrounding mental health, you may be hesitant in seeking professional help. Going to therapy for the first time can be daunting and overwhelming. However, you owe it to yourself to work on your mental health, and you are brave for taking the first step. You made it this far, and I believe in your ability to go further.

The journey to healing is not linear

Most people expect their journey towards healing and self-discovery in therapy to be linear. However, it’s much more than that. You will often find yourself back to the same position you thought you had left long behind, and that’s okay.

Together, we will explore the belief systems we hold and what they mean to us. We learn ways to challenge belief patterns that may be holding us back from achieving our goals.

Psychotherapy is a collective process where we work on identifying goals to help you work through crises and identifying changes that can help you improve your outlook on life.

You don’t have to be going through a crisis to avail therapy. You can even use therapy to become more self-aware and practice emotional growth.

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